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We have a hunch that you have some big dreams (and little ones, too). But do you spend your free time working to make those dreams and goals actually happen? 

Yeah, sometimes we don’t, either. 

Often what we value and hope for most in life isn’t even at the top of our priority list. In fact, it may not even make the cut! 

But here’s the thing: You want to design your life to reflect your priorities. Most of us think we’re too busy to do what really matters. In reality? It’s about deciding what’s important to you and making sure you carve out the time, no matter what. 

What are three things you want to accomplish this year? Maybe it’s to start that novel you’ve been meaning to write, learn how to speak Italian, train for a half marathon or get a new job? 

How much of your time is going toward these things? 

In order to make any dream an actual reality, you need to prioritize — get clear on what you want to accomplish, then take consistent steps to get there. (Usually weekly!)

So this weekend, try and do a little smart planning to see how you can make sure you’re acting on what’s truly a priority in your life. Here’s how to get started — the easy way. 😉

  1.  Decide what really is your priority right now (this may be a good time to check-in with your year and life goals, too). Write down a few things that rank high on your priority list, whether that’s going on more adventures with your kids or kick-starting your small business.

2.  Schedule action steps in your weekly calendar. Then, make them non-negotiable.

3.  Track Your Progress. Look back each week, and see if you made any forward motion toward your priorities and goals. Did you go on a hike with your kids? Did you decide on a name for your new business? Whatever positive steps you made, be sure to celebrate them (maybe with a glass of bubbly or a sweet treat?) so that you’re motivated to keep acting. 

If you ever feel like you bit off more than you can chew, it may be a good idea to cut back on your priorities and choose one or two to focus on now — and the rest you can return to down the road. Because as Stephen Covey, author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People said, “When you have too many top priorities, you effectively have no top priorities.” 

And, if you find you keep rescheduling on yourself, try this trick from Laura Vanderkam, author of Off the Clock: Feel Less Busy While Getting More Done: “Instead of saying ‘I don’t have time’ try saying ‘it’s not a priority’ and see how that feels.” If it doesn’t sit well with you, then Vanderkam says that’s the whole point.

Make your priorities a priority so you can get the most out of this beautiful life! 

The Savvy Team


Savvy Tip

True story: More people are getting outside and appreciating nature because of the pandemic. Spending time outdoors lowers stress, anger and fear — emotions we’re all feeling these days — plus boosts those happiness vibes. 

A 90-minute nature walk may even lower the activity in a region of the brain called the prefrontal cortex, which gets turned up when you’re ruminating (aka getting stuck on the same negative thoughts over and over again).

If you haven’t gotten in on the trend, why not start today or this weekend? P.S. We love these ideal-for-spring sandals that are designed for comfortable outdoor walking (and looking cute in the process).


Savvy Picks

*Feel a cold coming on? We’re big fans of David’s Tea organic “Cold 911” peppermint, eucalyptus, and orange blend, that’s perfect to sip when you’re feeling off. Plus it’s cooling and soothing for your respiratory system. We’ll take a mug (or three).  

 *During this pandemic, everyone, and we mean everyone, would benefit from a little uplift with flowers. Check out this monthly delivery service (sign up and gift three, six, or 12 months of flowers), so your loved ones can literally be showered with thoughtfulness.   


Quote du jour

“To change your life, you need to change your priorities.” — Mark Twain


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