Welcome to Reboot Your Soul!


You’re all set for your upcoming Reboot Your Soul class. Congratulations on gifting yourself this time to slow down, recharge, connect with yourself, and feel uplifted.

In this 45-minute class, we’ll take time to connect with ourselves with a journaling exercise, so be sure to have a pen and paper nearby.

Pour yourself a cup of tea or a glass of something that makes you happy and get ready for Reboot Your Soul.

Thanks again for joining me. Have a wonderful day!


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Emily Florence

Founder of EveryDay Happy

Author of Even Better: Easier Ways to a Happier Life

Certified Life, Life Purpose and Career Coach

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Reboot Your Soul

Reboot Your Soul

45-minute classes to slow down, recharge, take time to connect with yourself, and feel uplifted. Hosted by Emily Florence.