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Some days you may feel like you’re not good enough, or doing enough. You may wish you could snap your fingers and turn into a version of yourself you think you should be with a perfect job, spotless house, and exciting hobbies (or whatever your definition of an ideal life may be).  

But here’s something you need to know … You are wonderful, just as you are. You are enough, right now.

It’s courageous and admirable to strive to be a better version of yourself. But, it’s important to remember to love yourself in the process. 

This weekend, take out your journal and do this quick, three-minute self-love activity so you can appreciate yourself (and all your greatness) right this very moment.

  1. First, at the top of the page, write down “I am wonderful, just as I am.” Let the words sink in, and underline them a few times to really bring the message home.
  2. Next, make a pact with yourself to love yourself even more over the next 30 days. Do something every single day that makes you feel good about yourself. This could look like meditating, taking morning walks, journaling, telling yourself loving affirmations, cutting back on negative news, creating healthy boundaries with friends and family (or cutting out toxic people entirely), eating cleaner, nixing alcohol or sugar, stressing less, resting more. You know what makes you feel good. Commit to loving yourself even more.
  3. Finally, write down everything you have in your life that brings you joy – your friends and family, fur babies, nature, and even the little things like that pint of caramel fudge ice cream hidden in the fridge. When we give our attention to everything that’s going right in our lives, and all that we have to be grateful for, we’re more likely to be content with where we are right now, as we look forward to what lies ahead. 

Enjoy your weekend and be good to yourself! 

Emily and the EveryDay Happy Team

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Quote du jour

“You alone are enough. You have nothing to prove to anybody.” – Maya Angelou

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