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Life doesn’t always go as planned. We all face uncertain times where we feel like everything is pretty much up in the air.

If living with more questions than answers makes you feel uneasy, you’re not alone. All of the wondering and wishing for something definitive can drive you crazy, and leave you stressed, depressed or worried sick.

So how can any of us feel better when faced with uncertainty?

To feel even a tiny bit better, try to make peace with this time in your life, surrender and allow life to guide you.

Having a mantra or a serenity prayer in your back pocket is a necessity, too. Whenever you start asking yourself a question, like, “When will I …” or “What’s going to happen if …” and you find yourself feeling scared, sad or overwhelmed reach for a mantra like:

Everything is going to be OK. 

I am not alone. 

Life has a way of working out. 

I am getting through this and I will be OK. 

We’re human and you’re allowed to feel all that you do when life feels scary or uncertain. So, go easy on yourself and do your best to pause for deep breaths, reach for thoughts that make you feel good, and have faith that you will get through this. Because you will.

With love,

Emily and the EveryDay Happy Team


Quote du jour

“When the storm seems to overpower you, hold tight, for it is only passing.” ― Hiral Nagda


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