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2020 has many of us feeling all over the place. One week you may feel like you need major motivation to get back into your groove, and the next, you may need a reminder to relax, go easy and simply catch your breath. Today, we celebrate YOUR unique journey by offering a feel-good note for every occasion.

So pour a cup of tea or glass of wine, kick up your feet and enjoy!

1. Do you feel like the world is so overwhelming right now you’re in need of some joy, positivity and inspiration?
Here’s a happy habit you can adopt that will brighten your day.
Here’s how to find joy in a simpler summer.
Here’s how to be the sunshine and bring some positivity to the world.
Here’s something to make you laugh for a minute.

2. Do you feel like 2020 has taken you off course and you want to get back on track with your goals? 
Here’s 3 simple ways to boost your energy.
Here’s how to make the rest of 2020 the best of 2020.
Here’s how to get more done by doing less.

3. Do you feel like you need to be kinder and more loving to yourself?
Here’s how to be extra good to yourself right now.
Here’s how to check-in with Y-O-U.
Here’s how to love yourself more.

4. Do you feel like you need to hit the refresh button on your relationship?

Here’s how to get through tough times.
Here’s how to decide if it’s worth the fight.
Single? Here’s how to savor single delights.
Here’s how to be the better half.

Enjoy your feel-good adventure, and be good to yourself this weekend!


P.S. Are you feeling like it’s time to create more joy, self-love and ease in your life? Listen to our brand new EveryDay Happy Show podcast here.


Quote du jour

“Not everyone will understand your journey. That’s OK. You’re here to live your life, not to make everyone understand.” — Unknown



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