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Have you been doing enough the past few months to take care of Y-O-U? Or have you been spending more time than usual caring for others, trying to find ways to keep your loved ones smiling or spending too much time consuming negative news and social media?

2020 has turned our world upside down and many of us have fallen out of our usual self-care routines. If this is the case for you too, we have you covered. Today’s the day we’re all going to commit (or re-commit!) to caring for our amazing selves.

Here’s how to get started: We challenge you, starting today — and for the next week — to choose not one, not two, but three activities from this “Self-Care With Ease” list to engage in every single day.


  • Journal. Write whatever comes to your mind — just get out every thought and emotion.


  • Get in bed an hour early or stay in bed an hour later — you deserve extra sleep!


  • Squeeze in a nap — even if it’s just 20 minutes.


  • Practice positive self-talk. Give yourself a compliment today (or five!).


  • Take a break from social media. Or, pare down your social media by unfollowing any accounts that don’t “Spark Joy” (as Marie Kondo says).


  • Walk around the block or do a 10-minute yoga routine (we like this one) — or whatever relaxing exercise you’re into.


  • Take an afternoon break with a cool glass of lemonade or iced tea and read a chapter in a page-turner novel or inspiring book.


  • Make a gratitude list of 10 things you are truly, madly grateful for right now.

Speaking of grateful, we’re grateful for you! We’d love if you shared with us some of the things you’re grateful for — or posted what you’re grateful for on Instagram or Facebook, with the hashtag #savvyandgrateful

Enjoy Y-O-U time!

Savvy Team


Quote du jour

“When admiring other people’s gardens, don’t forget to tend to your own flowers.” ― Sanober Khan


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