Two Easy Ways to Turn Your Mood Around

No matter how upbeat you feel when you start your day, chances are at some point your sunny mood will get challenged. 

There’s the driver who cuts you off, the call from your children’s school to come pick them up because of yet another illness, or perhaps a friend mentions that you look tired even though you had the best night sleep of your entire life. 

The bad news about any given day is no matter how great we feel at the start, we’re bound to encounter inconveniences, setbacks, and rude people at some point. 

The good news is, you’re in control of how you feel and there are simple tools you can use to lift your spirits and finish your day in a positive way.

Tool #1 – When something (or someone!) takes you off course, reach for this “let it go” trick and simply remind yourself that you deserve to feel good and you’re not going to give anyone the power to bring you down. 

When you simply remember that you want and deserve to experience more joy, it’s easier to shake off the little upsets and let them go. 

Tool #2 – When something brings you down and you can’t seem to shake it off, try this 10-second trick inspired by one in Tim Ferris’ bestselling book, Tools of Titans.

Instead of stewing in negativity, take a moment to wish someone well. Whether it’s someone in your life, or a stranger walking by you on the street – send good thoughts their way. This turns your attention to positivity and when you send out good vibes, you’re more likely to receive them. 

While no day will be perfect, there are simple tools we can reach for to help weather those challenging moments. You deserve to be happy and feel good, and you have more power than you may realize to shape your mood.  

Wishing you a wonderful weekend! 

Emily and the EveryDay Happy Team

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Quote for your day

“Sail through the good days, and on bad days pick a spot of blue sky to steer toward.” — Richelle E. Goodrich


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