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You can be a lighthouse, a shining star, a ray of sunshine all you want, but you’re bound to encounter grumpy, disgruntled people in your day.

You know the ones we’re talking about …

There’s the driver who cuts you off on your way home from the store — and then has the audacity to yell at you!

Or that coworker who knows just what to say in passing to make you feel this small.

But here’s the thing, Savvy — you can’t let someone ruin your day, or worse, your week, month or year.

You can’t allow them so much power to bring you down. Not that random stranger or sour coworker, no way!

Next time you find yourself in a negative space because of what someone else says or does, try reminding yourself of the following:

They don’t get to decide how I feel. I do! And I won’t let that person bring me down.

Repeat this phrase and think of things you’re grateful for until your mood starts to lift again.

Also, try not to take what they did personally. It’s almost never about us — it’s about them.

An important part of self-love is letting others’ negativity roll off us, rather than seep in — but it takes practice, so we have to be patient with ourselves too.

Love yourself enough to let those Negative Nellies go … your happiness is worth it. 😉

Have a wonderful weekend!


Quote du jour

“You use and lose a lot of energy being grumpy.” — Ted Danson



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