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I hope you’re having a wonderful, albeit out-of-the-ordinary holiday season so far. Before we hop into today’s note, I want to share with you this week’s episode of the Everyday Happy Show podcast, which is all about listening to, trusting, and building your intuition.

Our intuition is like a secret weapon — it can spare us a ton of pain, sorrow, and sometimes regret. It can even save our lives by telling us to make an appointment with the doctor or get a second opinion.

That’s why I’m so excited for this week’s episode where I’m talking with Kim Chestney, intuition expert and author of Radical Intuition.

I hope our conversation inspires you to listen to and trust your intuition more than ever before. 

EDH Show – Ep. 11: Interview with Kim Chestney on Radical Intuition

Listen and enjoy here! 

Now onto today’s note … 

This holiday season may feel different without your usual ugly sweater parties and caroling door to door, but there are lots of things you still can do that will bring you (and others!) joy.

 Here are some easy ways to spread cheer this year and bring good tidings to the special people in your life.

Bake a big batch of cookies and decorate them like you did when you were a kid. Then box them up and place them on your friends’ and neighbors’ doorsteps.

Schedule a virtual Christmas caroling Zoom event. Invite your aunt, neighbors, co-workers — whomever — and create a playlist so you can belt out your favorite holiday tunes. At the very least, laughs will probably be had. 🙂 

Whip up festive cocktails. Then, meet a friend in her driveway or backyard for a socially distanced holiday happy hour.

Buy gifts for children in need. Check out Toys for Tots or the Make-A-Wish Foundation for ways to donate.

Write hand-written holiday notes. Take some time this year to send personalized letters to family and friends — they’ll love hearing from you and feel extra special. 

Passing along good cheer this time of year will make your friends, family and loved ones feel more merry and bright — and you’ll get some warm and fuzzy feelings too.  

 Here’s to making spirits bright! 

Emily & The Savvy Team

P.S. My interview with Kim Chestney on intuition is a must-listen. Hope you enjoy it! 


Quote du jour

“You can tell a lot about a person by the way they handle three things: a rainy day, lost luggage and tangled Christmas tree lights.” — Anonymous


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