Trust That You Know Best: 4 Ways to Tune into Your Intuition


When we’re at a crossroads, or faced with a big decision, it’s typical we turn to others for their thoughts and advice. 

You might survey friends with a flurry of texts, call your mom, cousin, old college roommate, and ask everyone down to your local coffee house barista what they think you should do. 

This is normal, and can sometimes be helpful, but often we look so far outside of ourselves for guidance and answers that other people’s two cents and opinions end up silencing our own inner voice. 

Without meaning to, all the “you should do this” and “you should do that” can make it nearly impossible to hear your intuition, which is trying to tell you what’s truly best for Y-O-U.

Because deep down, you really do know what’s best. 

Intuition’s something we gotta use or we’ll lose it. So make this the year you let your intuition run the show. Here’s how: 

1.      Be that crazy person and talk to yourself out loud about whatever’s on your mind. Ask yourself what will be best for you and have a full-blown convo with yourself about it. Talking to yourself out loud is far more powerful than in your head — you won’t believe what comes out!

2.     Channel Oprah and before meditating ask the universe, “Tell me what I need to know.” If you’re new to meditation, just sit down, get comfy, quiet and still, and take 10 minutes to breathe in and out, keeping your ears open to what your inner voice wants to tell you.

3.     Pour a cup of coffee, grab a journal and write down everything you’re feeling. Let every thought spill on to the paper and see what comes up.

4.     Pay attention to how you actually feel. Even when it eclipses logic and pro/con lists, you have to trust the physical gut feeling in your body. Which decision feels lightest to you inside? When your body feels light — it’s almost always the best sign that the decision is right.

While it can be super helpful to get feedback, advice, and guidance from others, it’s crucial you remember to check in with and listen to the wise person inside. You know yourself more than anyone else and you really do know what’s best for Y-O-U. 

Emily and the Savvy Team 


Quote du jour     

“You know that feeling in the pit of your stomach? Listen to it.” — Sally Kathryn



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