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It’s official — summer is here! That’s right, today is summer solstice, AKA the longest day of the year.

While this season may not be as exciting to you now that you’re a “grown-up,” and probably can’t take the next couple of months off like back in grade school, you can take time to enjoy special moments, like today.

You work hard all year and deserve it!

So how will you spend this kick-off to summer?

A takeout dinner at the beach, an evening hike to the best look-out point in town, rosé on the patio at sunset?

Tonight, skip the Netflix and chill outside. Savor this longest day of the year, and take time to soak up the extra light. Hey, you’ll only get one day like this in 2019, which is definitely something to cheers to. 😉

While you’re enjoying the extra daylight, think about this: In ancient Greece, the summer solstice marked the start of the new year. Even in modern times, it’s the launch of most everyone’s favorite season, and that means new beginnings, new goals and new ways of looking at things.

So tonight, while you’re loving all the beauty around you and hanging out under the sky, give a little thought to what wonderful things you’d like to experience this summer.

Perhaps a summer romance, a trip to the south of France or to kick-off that new business you’ve been dreaming about? Maybe you simply want to read a good book while digging your toes into soft sand.

Make a wish upon the summer stars for whatever your heart desires and give yourself permission to stay up a little later than usual if you’re enjoying yourself — you can sleep in tomorrow, after all.

Just remember, tonight’s not just another night, so make it one you enjoy. If you relish the uniqueness of this brightest of days, chances are you’ll set yourself up for a truly special season.

Enjoy your summer solstice, Savvy!


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“Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly.” — Van Morrison



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