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There’s a lot going on in the world right now and many of us are feeling anxious, confused and flat-out scared.

In addition to everything we’re doing to deal with this current pandemic, we all do so much. Too much at times. We give to work and family. We manage homes, meals, pet vet appointments and still make time to lend a supportive ear to friends.

And for savvy moms, those little kiddo school conferences and endless classmate birthday parties can make it feel like time just isn’t on our side.

A fact of life is that we can’t be on all of the time, we won’t ever get it all done and as much as we break our backs to make everything as perfect as possible, it never will be.

So this weekend, give yourself a break from all the ‘doing’ and chaos. Take some time to lean back and only do what you absolutely have to — and nothing else for a change.

Take off your overachiever hat, be OK with not going the extra mile and instead try to relax and enjoy yourself.

Wear sweatpants all day, swap the news for a feel-good flick and pop open a bottle of your favorite red or white.

Stretch out in a Barre class, curl up with a good book and do so much gazing out your window that you completely lose track of time.

Try creating as much white space in your calendar as possible so you can kick back and do a whole lotta nada — or whatever makes you smile.

We all love giving our best, but we need time to relax and recharge in order to fully be our best. It helps us stay physically healthy, not to mention mentally sane.

It’s not lazy — it’s loving, so be sure to leave any guilt behind,

Wishing you a weekend to enjoy and be good to yourself!



Quote du jour

“Keep a little fire burning; however small, however hidden.” ― Cormac McCarthy


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