Think Back to the Day You Met


We have a hunch you love your partner. And we mean really, truly, deeply — would do anything for them — kinda love.

Still, even if you have that one-of-a-kind connection, you might notice that the two of you start falling into a “working relationship”… as in, your attention is more on the “to-dos” of life, like bills to pay and picking up the kids from school, rather than the love between the two of you.

Sometimes, you may even find yourself fixated on the “flaws” of this working relationship. Like, “Why doesn’t he fold the laundry correctly?” Or … “Why does he always buy the wrong type of yogurt?”

Soon enough, these trivial things become reasons to get mad, start an argument or even decide you’re fed up.

If you’re feeling like your relationship is more business and less play, it’s time to start thinking back to why you got together. Do you remember when you first met? The giddiness and gratitude?

Take 10 minutes today and reflect on your favorite moments of those early days. The first date. The inside jokes you shared. The way you made each other feel.

Then, one night this weekend, over a bottle of wine or mocktails, block out some time with your partner to swap stories and relive those good old times. Soak up the warm memories and laugh at how you both were swooning.

When you return to the beginning, chances are that initial spark will come firing back. You’ll feel all the romantic feels and remind yourselves why you care so much about each other in the first place.

We have a lot of “small stuff” in our lives, but if you sweat all the tiny things between you and your partner, you lose sight of the big picture (aka your amazing relationship).

So appreciate what you’ve got and you’ll keep that passion going strong.

Not in a romantic relationship? Be appreciative of the one and only Y-O-U! Take a moment this week to relish all that you do, with work, for your loved ones and in the community.

Keep the relationship with yourself (and your partner if you have one!) strong and you’ll get that much more pleasure out of life.

Enjoy the sparks!



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“True love stories never have endings.” — Richard Bach



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