The Sweetness of Doing Nothing


There’s a saying in Italy, “Dolce far niente.” Translated it means, the sweetness of doing nothing.

It’s becoming rare these days to do nothing. Even when we don’t have anywhere to be or anything pressing to see, it’s unlikely we sit and watch people pass by on the street or stare off into the clouds.

More often, we lunge for our phones and fall into the digital world.

But Italians understand the sweetness of doing nothing. They know when our heads aren’t looking down at our phones the world right in front of us opens up – and that turning off and tuning out is restorative for our bodies and minds and keeps us present and mindful.

In Italy, it’s not uncommon for restaurants and shops to hang a sign that says they’re closed for vacation.

Even for an entire month!

They know that life is better all around when we’re not fully consumed by work and busyness and they make time for vacations and other pleasures.

Whether it’s exploring a new place in the world, taking an afternoon stroll hand-in-hand with a partner, or sipping a cappuccino in a cafe after lunch — Italians know the purpose of life is to enjoy as much as possible.

To them, it isn’t something earned, or to be had only after putting in a hard-days work. They know enjoyment is our birthright.

And they leave the guilt behind. 🙂

No matter where you are in this wonderful world, take a cue from our Italian friends and make sure to enjoy yourself this weekend.

It really is what life’s about!


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Quote du Jour

“I finally figured out the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.” ― Rita Mae Brown



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