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It’s officially back — that time of year when our schedules ramp up and it’s all go-go-go with back to work, back to school, kids’ soccer games and on and on. Leaving you with zilch, nil, nada time to actually breathe, say ahhh and just be.

Though some weekends are crazier than others, and sometimes jam-packed schedules are unavoidable, there are ways you can create more white space in your calendar and enjoy some time for just you. 

The secret? Drum-roll please … 

You need to determine what’s really important on your to-do list — and also what’s not.

We don’t realize it, but a lot of stuff we “have to do” we don’t really have to do. 

When you actually stop a minute to figure out what’s absolutely necessary and then eliminate everything that isn’t, it allows you to give your time, energy and love to the things that really matter.

The goal is to start getting done only the right things. These are things that will actually move the needle toward a goal or something you’re working towards.

It’s a refreshing change from the idea of “doing more in less time” — which most of us have strived for in the past, but still felt overwhelmed with so much to do. 

Wanna give it a shot? 

  1. Look at your to-do list and figure out what’s a “must.” Date night with your partner? That can stay. Your kid’s first soccer game? That can stick around too. Your passion project work? Keep that as well.

2. Ask yourself what tasks are just taking up your valuable time, but don’t offer any meaning. For example: 

*Do you have to pick up those clothes from the dry cleaner, or could it wait until next weekend? 

*Do you need to make homemade brownies to take to girls’ night, or can the store-bought variety suffice? 

*Do you want to go to your cousin’s friend’s party — or do you just feel obligated? 

Think deeply about what you can cross off your list. You have full permission to delay projects, do shortcuts and cancel plans all in the name of keeping your body healthy, mind sane and practicing self-care! 

Just be sure to fill the moments you free up with true self-care for your body and mind. Sometimes when we have a free hour or two, we start checking social media or watching TV and realize, zap! That precious time is gone. 

So take a look at your calendar, cross things off and make space for you. You deserve a break in your busy life. And dare we say you just may feel refreshed by the time Monday hits.

Have a wonderful weekend!



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