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A few weeks ago we talked about the “Sunday Scaries” and how making just a few changes to your Sunday can help minimize the dread you may feel knowing Monday’s around the corner.

If you’ve got a mild case of the Scaries, these fixes will go a long way to help. But what if you truly despise Mondays, and even the most relaxing Sunday can’t shake your dread for the next morning? 

If that’s the case, it’s time to look deep and ask yourself “Why do I loathe Mondays?” 

Here are some common (and not so common!) reasons why Monday may get you down and how you can improve your relationship with it. 

Is it because you feel unprepared for hectic Monday mornings?
Do whatever you can to make things easier for yourself. Meal prep on Sundays, have that coffee maker prepped before you go to bed, lay out your clothes and maybe even write out your to-do list Friday or Sunday afternoon so you feel ready to go first thing Monday morning. 

Is it because you can’t stand your job?
If you’re dreading heading into the office or logging onto your computer each morning, that’s a pretty clear signal that it’s time to look for a new gig. We’re not saying you should quit immediately (unless that makes sense for you), but taking steps to find something more fulfilling and less stress-inducing will go a long way toward improving your Mondays.

Is it because you feel like you “wasted” the weekend by not doing anything productive — or by not relaxing enough?
If this is true for you, try being more mindful of how you spend those precious weekend days. Make an effort to strike a balance between what you have to do and relaxing time. It may feel funny to schedule time to nap or read, but it can help if you never seem to find time to take it easy. Or if you’re the type who will binge hours of Netflix and then wonder where the day went, scheduling trips to the store or lunch with friends can help get you out of that rut. 

Is it because there’s nothing to look forward to on Mondays?
Give yourself something to look forward to! It could be grabbing a drink with a friend Monday evening (who says that can only happen on the weekends?), dropping in on an exercise class that makes you feel good, or picking up your favorite takeout for the evening. Choose something fun, that’s also easy to pull off, so your weekend joy doesn’t have to come to an abrupt end.  

Even with a job you love and plans to look forward to, you still might feel a little low when Monday rolls around. (I love what I get to do every day, but I’m still a bigger fan of Sunday than Monday!) Try to identify what causes you the most dread about the big day, and do what you can to make it easier and more fun. 

Wishing you a wonderful weekend and an even better Monday!

Emily and the EveryDay Happy Team


Quote du jour

“This should be the spirit every Monday. Know that something good will always happen.” — Gabriel Garcí­a Márquez


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