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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and while it certainly is a celebratory time for some (we’re looking at you, new lovebirds!), for others, it’s a day they wish would just go away.

After all, if you’re in a relationship or married, there’s expectation to “feel all the feels” and do something extra special on this one specific day of the year. No pressure or anything!

If you’re single, it can feel like SAD (Single Awareness Day). All the cards! The candy! The jewelry commercials!

You can’t help but become acutely aware of your single status, even though everyone knows there are so many perks to being single (here are the top 5 if you need a reminder).

To guarantee a good time this Valentine’s Day, no matter your relationship status, make yourself feel loved by Y-O-U.

Gift yourself flowers and some reallly good quality chocolate (not the waxy stuff from the supermarket).

Write yourself a letter of love.

Book a pampering appointment of your choosing (hello massage, acupuncture, mani-pedi!)

Treat yourself to a glass of bubbly and toast to how wonderful you are

Loving yourself will set a positive tone for the day — no matter who you end up spending the day with (yourself, a loving partner or a reallllly bad blind date), or what you end up doing.

If you spend the day with your partner, make a pact that you’ll have fun, without expectations. If you spend the day solo, let go of the disappointments, cancel the pity party and embrace the love in the air.

All love begins with self-love so regardless of what cupid has in store, Valentine’s Day is a wonderful reminder to shower ourselves with love. (Not to mention, our friends, pets, children, neighbors, and of course, our partners.)

The world needs love right now, maybe more than ever. So choose love, be love and share love.

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day!


Quote du jour

“All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” — Charles M. Schulz



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