Take a Step, Then Another


What more would you like to be, do or have?

If you knew you could not fail, what would you go after?

Chances are your mind is bursting with ideas: plans to start a new side hustle, write a book or get into healthy cooking.

Maybe something’s been calling to you for years or even decades.

It’s a wonderful thing to be constantly curious, creative, seeking to be the best version of you and getting the most out of life. But sometimes, those goals you dream up can seem too daunting and your enthusiasm deflates. So then they stay just that — goals — because the distance to the finish line appears out of reach.

The truth is though, Savvy, the goals you have are in fact doable, it’s just about keeping your dream alive by taking one step, and then another.

Always wanted to learn a new language? It may feel intimidating because all you can think about is how long it will take to be completely fluent. (We SO often only think about how long or hard it’s going to be to get where we want to be!)

But check yourself, practice patience and imagine the joy that will come along with achieving your first step, such as making someone smile when you learn how to say hello and goodbye to them in their language.

Worthwhile goals will always have hurdles, so keep a journal, track your progress and give yourself a big pat on the back (or huge slice of chocolate cream pie!) every time you accomplish a new step.

We know Rome wasn’t built in a day, and along those same lines, it’s pretty impossible to start a business, write a book, learn a language or improve your health in one day, too.

Good things take time, and everyone has their own timeline they’re working with — just because one friend got her business up and running in a month doesn’t mean yours has to operate on that same schedule.

Reaching goals also takes tenacity. You might hit a roadblock on your first step, and want to call it off. “Oh, I haven’t gotten any sales on my Etsy shop. It’s not meant to be.”

Decide what you want and go for it. Keep your eyes on the step right in front of you to avoid overwhelm and distraction — and when you do encounter feelings of doubt or roadblocks, keep at it no matter what and you’ll be shocked by how much you really can accomplish.

It’s a beautiful day to go after a dream, isn’t it?

You’ve got this!


Quote du jour

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined.” — Thoreau



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