Stay Calm and Holiday On


The holiday season, aka the most wonderful time of the year, is officially here. 

There’s a good chance you’re making a list (and of course checking it twice!) of all the decorating, gift buying, card-sending and holiday festivities you’ll be partaking in over the next few weeks. 

Just thinking about it quite possibly has your head spinning!

This is the trouble with the holiday season — what’s supposed to be all about family, friends and merriment tends to get combined with a whole lot of stress and overwhelm.

If you want to make this the year you’ll finally remain calm from start to finish so you can enjoy all the warm and fuzzy things that come along with holiday time, these simple “to-do’s” will be your happy little helper.

  1. Decide on a holiday power word. Choose a word to help keep you centered during stressful moments. Joy, Love, Fun, Ease and Light are a few that’ll do the trick!

When you find your heart racing or mind-scrambling take a moment to take a deep breath in … and out … and repeat your power word until you feel grounded and have things in perspective again. 

  1. Each morning and eve write down one thing you’re feeling blessed for. Gifts may need to be wrapped and meals prepared, but nothing’s as important during this season than counting your blessings.

Even if your flight’s delayed or your over-the-top Aunt is going on a political rant — keep in mind all you have to be thankful for. 

  1. Take a moment each day to let the season bring out the child in you. Holidays evoke memories and can bring out the fun-loving child in us when we let them.

Hang tree ornaments, decorate a gingerbread house, play a game of dreidel, build a snowman and belt out a few carols. Let your mind drift back to your childhood holidays and bring out the playful kid in you. 

While wonderful, this time of year can be a lot — for all of us. Let these three simple tools be your helper to stay calm so you can fully enjoy the fresh-baked cookies, loving company and true goodness the holidays have to offer. 

Remember, you get to decide the tone of this season, so why not make it a calm, jolly one?

Happy Holidays!

Emily and the Savvy Team 


Quote du jour

“May your walls know joy, may every room hold laughter, and every window open to great possibility.”  — Mary Anne Radmacher



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