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So many important things vye for space on our to-do lists. There are work deadlines, meals to whip up, exercise to squeeze in, date nights to make.

And lest we forget family and friend obligations (oh the gender reveal parties, birthdays, bridal showers and housewarmings — which, while fun, take up a lot of time in our calendars).

Once we get around to crossing everything off we finally allow ourselves to say, “nighty-night.”

The backwards thing about having sleep be at the bottom of our priority pecking order, though, is that good slumber increases productivity. Not enough zzz’s can keep you from doing those very to-dos effectively, and fun functions lose their luster because you’re dragging.

Not to mention good sleep allows our bodies to heal, our minds to get back into alignment and works far better than any beauty product to keep us looking fresh and lively!

To get more sleep — even when life is crazy — first you need to make it a priority. Repeat after us, “Nothing is as important as seriously good sleep.”

Next, prepare for it by:

Creating a hard-stop for work, where you don’t check email or Slack on your phone. Because no one can really feel relaxed when their mind is back at the office.

Turn your pre-slumber time into a self-care ritual. Take a warm shower or bath, then read a book or watch a favorite show (just try to keep it to one) while enjoying some soothing tea. Two of our favorites: Yogi Bedtime tea and DAVIDs Tea Organic Dream On.

Put your phone in your closet, another room or turn it upside down. Studies show that the blue light from your phone or tablet can keep you alert — not the place you want to be before hitting the hay.

If you’re a regular sleep skimper about now you may be thinking, “Sure, this sounds nice, but there’s so much I have to do!”

That’s the trouble, Savvy. Poor slumber gets put aside as the least meaningful thing we do in our day and affects our mental health, leaving us grumpy and more vulnerable to colds, flu and flat-out burnout.

In life we get done what we prioritize, and good sleep’s worth saying “no” or “thanks but no thanks” to everything else. Opt out of another work happy hour or dinner party — saying no will also help people discover your boundaries.

You can live without many things you may think you can’t live without. But you can’t live long without good sleep!

Happy snoozing, Savvy!


Quote du jour

“I love sleep. My life has the tendency to fall apart when I’m awake, you know?” ― Ernest Hemingway



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