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We’re just going to come right out and say it — weekends are the best. You get to take a pause from work, meet up with friends for a glass (or two!) of wine, log some quality family time, not to mention enjoy a moment or two for y-o-u. What’s not to like, right?

Your time off couldn’t be any more blissful, that is, until it hits — Sunday afternoon. The clock strikes noon and without warning, those warm-and-fuzzy weekend vibes are replaced with thoughts about work and your crazy Monday that’s now feeling way too close.

Sound familiar? We hear you — the Sunday Scaries are real!

The big problem with entertaining thoughts and anxieties of your busy Monday on Sunday is that it wastes part of a perfectly good weekend that could be spent doing something way more fun, restorative or productive.

Not good.

Ready to take back your whole weekend? Here are four ways to help you say “adios” to the Sunday Scaries:

1. Stop your brain from spiraling.
Have a ton you know you need to do come Monday morning? If you sense a case of panic coming on, pull out a phrase of confidence like, “It’ll all get done — no need to worry about it.” Or, “Tomorrow will be busy, but it’s nothing I can’t handle — no need to think about it right now.”

Repeat as necessary.

2. Time self-care wisely.
Feel a pit in your stomach when your thoughts move to Monday? Take note of when it happens (for some it may be mid-day, for others, it might happen after dinner). Then, the following Sunday, combat the bad feelings with a plan to take a walk outside or draw a bath before the worry strikes.

3. Do work if you have to.
If your brain is fixed on that one thing you need to do — and you know you’ll feel so much better if you just get it done — there’s no harm in getting a jump-start and doing it. You probably don’t want to make a weekly habit out of it, but if a little head start will help you sleep better, then why not?

4. Start planning next weekend.
Life is so much more fun when we have things to look forward to. If Sunday’s get you down, start planning something for the next weekend. This way, you can wake up on Monday morning knowing you have something great to look forward to in just a few days.

We hope you have a happy weekend and here’s to a very un-scary Sunday!



Quote du jour

“Cozy + smell of pancakes – alarm clock = weekend.” ― Amy Krouse Rosenthal


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