Savor Single Delights


Whether single by intention or default, in a relationship or married, there are certain single gal perks every woman can appreciate.

Even the happiest of marrieds savor those weekends when her hubby leaves town so she can enjoy her single gal rituals, and reacquaint herself with, well, herself. And if you’re not in the best place marriage-wise, you probably need these moments even more.

Since the grass is always greener, unhappily single ladies can sometimes forget the endless single delights that make life full of wonder and happiness every woman can benefit from.

With the weekend arriving soon, why not take some time to embrace the joys of being solo? (If you’re coupled up, you could nicely ask your SO to do their own thing for a day.)

To help inspire you, here are our Top Five Favorite Perks to Being Single:

5.  Turn up the heat! Or, blast that air. Forget compromising on the exact right temperature for your abode and enjoy the climate just as YOU like it.

4.  Gab on the phone with your girlfriends for as long as you want and as loud as you want, sans worry of side-eye judgment from your partner or, “You girls gossip so much, blah, blah …” comments.

3.  Watch whatever TV you want, wearing whatever comfy clothes you want, while eating whatever yummy snack you want. (And of course, while sipping as much wine as you want!)

2.  Forget sticking to a side and take up the whole bed. Grab your tablet, watch some Netflix and sprawl the heck out. No need to share, it’s allll yours.

1. Lock off an entire day for self-care. Meditate, go to yoga, get a blow out (and enjoy that free scalp massage), visit your favorite independent bookshop and eat whatever’s calling your name all without asking, “What are you in the mood for?”

If it wasn’t for the sake of trying to keep this note brief, this list of 5 could easily be a list of 50, including grocery shopping just for your cravings, getting up as early or late as your body wants and being as clean or messy as you feel like.

No matter your relationship status, there’s no shortage of single delights to relish. Enjoy!



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