Relax in Your Every Day (Not Just on Vacay!)


Truth time. Are you so busy with work, keeping your house running smoothly and checking off daily to-dos that the thought of taking some time to unwind seems almost laughable? (Relax? Ha! Now, where’s my coffee?!)

While a week-long getaway or even a three-day weekend staycation are ideal to unwind, there are so many ways we can bring more relaxing into our every day.

If the idea of taking a break fills you with guilt, or you don’t think you have the time, you’re probably in need of it most. Here are five ways to do “relaxing” in an easy and relaxed way:

1. Spread a blanket or towel under a park tree or on soft sand and close your eyes for 15 minutes.

You don’t have to fly to Bermuda or block off a whole day to feel relaxed in nature. Visit your local park, beach or lake — or even a tree in your own backyard. Sit still, quiet your mind and listen to the sounds — birds chirping, leaves rustling. And if you end up taking a nap, all the better!

2. Spend an hour at your local coffee shop — without your phone. Sure, most of us get out to coffee shops here and there, but before we have a chance to get into that book, write in that journal, or get lost in people-watching, a text, ding or ring takes us out of the chill zone.

Our phones are great but they’re distracting. Spend an afternoon without and feel relaxation come over you.

3. Get lost in a good novel. Dive into pages that take you away from your day-to-day. Our Savvy team is loving What Alice Forgot, City of Girls, and Magic for Liars right now.

Not in the mood to read? Even popping on a feel-good movie or your favorite funny show on Netflix will get you in a relaxed and happy state.

4. Take a walk around the block. Not all exercise has to be “exercise” so get up and go outside just to take in the scenery. Walk around your neighborhood, clear your head and get lost in good thoughts.

It’s amazing what just 10 minutes of strolling around can do to mellow you out.

5. Enjoy a good meal, European style. In countries like Italy and France, dinner is a time to unwind, eat, connect with people and enjoy. The food, wine and laughter can easily last four hours!

Take a cue from our European friends and gather your family, friends and neighbors for a dinner to remember. Sometimes we forget how good enjoying something simple can make us feel.

Though pushing yourself to be the best you can be is admirable, relaxing is essential to keep you calm, balanced and in good health.

Too often when we don’t schedule time outs to do a whole lotta nothing we end up being forced to, by way of a nasty cold or flu.

This weekend, carve out a little chill time and appreciate how relaxed you can feel. Create a moment you’ll cherish when it has long passed, especially when a good book, friend or bottle of wine is involved. 😉



Quote du jour

“It’s a good idea always to do something relaxing prior to making an important decision in your life.” — Paulo Coelho



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