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Now, onto today’s note …

For many of us, 2021 is feeling a lot like an extension of 2020. And the truth is … the clock striking midnight on December 31st in any given year doesn’t have the power to change your life — YOU do. 

So, just like you’ve probably set new goals and decided to take on new projects in 2021, one of the best things you can do is to kick off this year with a healthy mindset. This includes knowing that at any moment of any day you can decide, “This is the first day of the rest of my life.” Or, “This is the moment I take my power back!”

Because let’s face it … many of us are looking around and thinking 2021 isn’t exactly off to a fantastic start. 

A second super important thing is to start working on clearing out any mental negativity and bringing in a fresh sense of optimism. Let your mind be a blank slate starting TODAY, so you can fill it with happiness and joy in the weeks and months ahead. 🙂

One of our favorite ways to release negative clutter in our minds and bring in uplifting thoughts is to use a mantra. Write down a phrase that speaks to you and place it on the fridge or a mirror in your house, and repeat it a few times a day (or whenever you feel the heaviness of 2020 … or 2021 for that matter … weighing on you). 

Here are some mantra ideas to help you get started:

* No matter what’s going on around me, I choose to look on the bright side.

* I have faith that things are working out for me. 

* Even when times are tough — silver linings will be revealed. 

Choose optimism, believe in yourself, and know you have the power to start again on any given day. 

Cheers to you, wonderful!

With love,
mily and the Savvy Team

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Quote du jour

“Believe in yourself. Believe in your capacity to do good and great things. Believe that no mountain is so high you cannot climb it. Believe that no storm is so great that you cannot weather it. Believe in yourself.” — Gordon B. Hinckley


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