No Savvy Miss Is an Island


Being able to take care of yourself and thrive all on your own is empowering. Hats off to you!

That said, as strong and self-reliant as any of us may be, we still need quality people in our corner — women and men who truly get you, and have your back no matter what.

Whether starting a passion project, dealing with a family illness or celebrating a happy milestone, a solid support system is imperative. No Savvy can go it alone all the time — at least not happily.

We need honest feedback, someone to ugly cry to when the going gets tough and on the good days? Well, toasting ourselves is rarely as satisfying as rounding up the girls for a night of celebration.

At a certain age, though, we tend to find ourselves in different places (physically and just where we are in life) than our friends. Maybe you feel like you’ve “grown out” of your current friends — they may bring you down rather than lift you up or have different goals or values that just don’t align with yours anymore.

And that’s OK.

It’s not like in college, where we meet new people we have things in common with every day. And work friends and neighbors? Sure, they can be people you’re friends with, but, deep down, you may know you’d never be really close to them if they weren’t, well, right there.

You don’t have to struggle to make these old relationships work. Instead, focus on creating a core group of friends who allow you to be yourself and flourish in this world.

Truth is, whether new to a city or making a lifestyle change like becoming an entrepreneur or new mom, we can always use more support.

To get the meaningful friendship train started, sign up for Meetup and Facebook groups that match your interests (then be sure to go to the events!), attend your favorite fitness class regularly (you’ll get to know your fellow classmates who share your passion), and go to networking events to meet fellow women who have similar career goals.

Yes, it may feel awkward, but when you meet people you connect with, ask for their number or email. Then ask them if they want to meet up for coffee or a cocktail to swap stories, share career advice or travel recommendations.  

One last thing: Oprah once said, “Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down.”

Be that loyal, good friend back.

In order for friendships to truly grow, we have to give as much as we take. Be there for the friends who matter most to you, and you’ll find out just how beautiful life can be with these loved ones by your side.

There are times when going it alone has its merits. We’re all for solo traveling, catching a movie by yourself, and taking the opportunity to live on your own at some point in your life. You truly learn so much about who you are by allowing yourself to have these y-o-u moments.

But no Savvy is an island. Grow your friendships, nurture them and give thanks for them. Life is simply a lot more fun when you have good friends.


Quote du jour

“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”

— Mother Theresa



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