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How are your goals for 2022 coming along? 

If you answered “haven’t started” or “ehm, next question” that’s totally OK. We’re not here to judge!

What we do want to talk about is one of the biggest things that might be keeping you from reaching your goals this year … negative self-talk. In the past month, have you thought:

I’m not good enough. 

I’m not experienced enough.

I’ll never have that.

It will never work out.

Well, those limiting beliefs are probably getting in the way of your goals — big-time. Because when you say things like that over and over in your head, you start to truly believe them. And when you do, you may lose the motivation you need to reach whatever it is you’re after … because you’re convinced it won’t work out anyway.

Limiting beliefs are dangerous because our beliefs shape our reality. So if we think we can’t do something, or something isn’t possible for us (or possible at all!), it holds us back. So instead of repeating a negative loop, starting today choose positive affirmations. When you notice a limiting belief pop in your head, catch it, pause, and reply with a positive affirmation. 

If you start to think, “There’s no way this will work out,” stop yourself and instead say something like, “Good things flow freely in my direction.” Or, “Anything is possible.” Or, “Maybe I CAN do it – if others can, why not me?”

The more often you free yourself of limiting beliefs (and replace them with positive affirmations), the easier it will be to go after what brings you happiness in 2022 (whether that’s running a marathon, buying a house, or landing a new job — whatever is on your vision board).

Here’s to a goal-reaching year!

Emily and the EveryDay Happy Team

P.S. Need more help fighting those limiting beliefs, reaching your goals, and experiencing more joy, self-love, and ease? There’s still time to sign up for One-on-One Life Coaching and One-on-One Business Coaching.


Quote du jour

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.” — Teddy Roosevelt


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