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Picture it: You have a rough day at work, so on your way home you stop into a swanky boutique and buy a dress that’s cute and almost, sort-of fits.

Or you’re on the couch, watching a Gilmore Girls re-run and mindlessly adding things to your Amazon cart, hitting “ship” before you know what’s happened.

Cut to a few weeks later and that dress is in the back of your closet, tags still attached, and most of the stuff in that Amazon box never even got unpacked.

Most of us will happily admit we’d like to have more money. And in order for that to happen, we need to have more cash coming in and less going out.

But the trouble is, it’s sooooo easy these days to spend our hard-earned income — we’re looking at you, online shopping. And much of the dough we make goes toward “wants” rather than “needs” that would otherwise enrich our lives for the better.

Of course we deserve to treat ourselves, but often material goods end up fading faster than we predicted, breaking or just plain cluttering our space.

That’s why our Savvy Team has been loving the 30-day rule!

What’s the 30-day rule, you ask?

In a nutshell, it goes like this — before you buy something, you hold off for 30 days. Put a picture of the item or whatever it is you want to buy on your refrigerator, or put pen to paper and create a running list.

(Keyword: “want” not “need” to buy.)

If after 30 days you still can’t wait to have it, open your wallet and splurge!

There’s a good chance though by that time you’ll have forgotten about it, or just don’t care about it anymore. (Hey, you could’ve even manifested it as a gift!)

Money doesn’t buy happiness — we know that. But, let’s get real, it sure can make life a lot easier, not to mention help us create experiences (like tropical vacays!) that make it much more fun.

If you’re ready to take control of your finances, you’ll be surprised to find how in-control and empowered you’ll feel when you choose to buy mindfully.

Chances are, living by the 30-day rule will mean you’ll have more dough in your bank account, more confidence in your saving ability and fewer knick-knacks that just end up collecting dust.

Give it a try this month and see how much money you save. Maybe by summer you’ll have enough to take that trip you’ve been eyeing, or launch the site you’ve been meaning to kickstart.

Exciting doors can open when you save more money, so challenge yourself to buy less, and see what good things await.

Happy saving, Savvy!


Quote du jour

“Buy, buy, says the sign in the shop window; Why, why, says the junk in the yard.” — Paul McCartney



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