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There’s nothing better than being with someone you truly love. Still, sometimes life takes over, and you find yourself living with your partner, but not truly connecting. Your conversations center around what you have to get done that day or week, and when your partner drops the ball, it’s all you can think about.

That translates into frustration, and perhaps treating each other worse than you’d really like. You may wake up one morning and think, “What’s happening here — I love this person, so why am I not happy with our relationship?”

It’s in these moments that you need to check in with yourself, and ask, “Am I treating my partner how I want to be treated?”

Be honest with yourself, and if the answer is no, there’s no shame in that. It happens to everyone. Reflect on how you can course correct.

Maybe it’s sending a sweet text at work and taking time to appreciate the little things your partner adds to your life, like making you the best French press coffee, or running to the grocery store without you even needing to ask. (If you’re up for it, ask your partner to do the same.)

Now, if you don’t have a partner, it’s still important to love the one you’re with — meaning love Y-O-U! (Really, everyone can use this reminder, partnered up or not.)

It’s easy to treat ourselves poorly, talk smack, or bash ourselves for forgetting an appointment or arriving late to an event, but instead, take a moment to think about all the reasons to love yourself. For example, that you always know how to cheer your friends up, that you’re the “idea’s person” at work and that you make a mean pesto pizza.

Don’t take yourself or your partner for granted, Savvy. You’ve got a lot of special people who bring meaning to your life — yourself included — and what could bring you more happiness than that?


Savvy Book Pick

Have you ever fantasized about making a huge life change and shaking up your world as you know it? That’s what Londoner Kamin Mohammadi did, after losing her job in the high-stress magazine industry. Kamin took her severance money and decided to live for a few months in Florence, Italy (those months eventually turned into years).

She writes about the experience in her new book, Bella Figura: How to Live, Love and Eat the Italian Way, which chronicles how she found purpose, friendship, self-love and of course, good food in the Tuscan city. Not only are her stories inspirational, but the book is full of takeaways (and recipes!) for those seeking to find a better, happier way to live — whether a trip to Italy is on the horizon or not. Get it here.


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