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Things in the world aren’t top-notch right now, we won’t deny it. But even when things are less than ideal, it’s still important to do what you can to feel good. 

You may not feel like you have a lot to smile or laugh about right now, but a few minutes of giggles could be just the stress reliever you need. 🙂

Today, give yourself permission to laugh and feel good for a moment. These happy, cute, and hilarious little videos should do the trick!

  1.   See our four-legged friends at their finest in this cat vs. dog challenge. We dare you not to laugh!

Get your giggles started here.

2.     This pup has fun written all over! We love this hilarious video clip as much as this dog loves piles of leaves …

Ready, set, enjoy!

We know life may feel a little dreary and monotonous right now, but try and carve out time in your day to laugh, smile and feel good. Remember laughter really is the best medicine. 



Quote du jour

“A good laugh heals a lot of hurts.” — Madeleine L’Engle


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