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How’s your winter going? While our Savvy Team is all over the world right now, we’re all finding ourselves saying, “Baby, it’s cold outside!”

On our last team call we decided there are two ways to look at this season:

1. You just have to get through it. Don your big puffer coat, grit your teeth and trudge through January, February, March and, depending on your zip code, sometimes April, praying that warm days are just around the corner.

2. Or (and this is what our team has decided to do) challenge yourself to look at these frosty months in a different light and instead of wishing away all the brrrr — welcome it.

Celebrating the cold may not come easy — especially when your fingers start turning purple and your skin gets flakey (we said it was a challenge!), but if you turn your home into a cozy space for self-care, you may find winter’s not so bad after all. In fact, it could become your favorite season.

Here are five ways to set your space up for a wonderful winter:

1. Clear out distracting clutter: It’s hard to kick back and relax in your apartment or house with stacks of paper, boxes and clothes lying about. And who wants to be indoors and de-clutter on a warm, sunshiny day? Take advantage of winter and spend a few hours (or days) to sort, scrub and tidy, so when you look around, you feel zen, not overwhelmed.

2. Stock up on cozy necessities: We suggest a super-soft blanket, comfy socks and pajamas so luxe, you’ll want to stay in them from a.m. to p.m. (And since going outside isn’t appealing, you might as well!) Also, consider investing in a comfy chair that’s perfect for curling up in with a good book and a glass of wine (or three).

3. Create a mini library: Speaking of good books … message your friends to get their book recommendations (we’re excited about The Age of Light by Whitney Scharer, out in February) and pile them up near your designated curl-up spot.

4. Set up a stay-home spa: By now, the cold has likely dried out your skin, despite your best moisturizing efforts. So pick out some extra-hydrating creams, face masks and body and face oils so you can get your glow back. This one’s a Savvy Miss favorite!

Place products on display on a bathroom or bedroom shelf, so you remember to use ’em. And if your skin is feeling extra-parched, consider a humidifier that comes with both a high and low setting.

5. Bust out your notebook: Some of the best ideas come from days spent inside during wintertime. While you may get the urge to use your laptop, try spending an hour or two with a good old fashion notebook (consider buying a pretty one you’ll actually want to write in!). Creativity often comes when we don’t have 10 open tabs and alerts all vying for our attention.

One last thing: Even if you live in a warm-weather state, you can still get into the winter vibe and create a cozy space — you just may want to buy a thinner blanket. 😉

Happy winter-ing, Savvies!


Quote du jour:

“Winter is a season of recovery and preparation.” — Paul Theroux



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