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Our past is an important part of our history, it shapes who we are today, after all. But it can also hold us back from growing into the person we truly want to be, and living a life that’s calling us.

So many of us have dreams and set big goals, but our hang-ups from years ago can keep us from realizing them. Past disappointments, failures, or beliefs in ourselves can keep us stuck, telling us painful things like…

“You’ve never been organized, so what makes you think you can be organized now?”

“You’ve never succeeded at committing to a healthy lifestyle, so why would you be able to now?”

“Your relationships never work out, so what makes this one any different?”

If you have a hunch that your past is interfering with your bright future, double down on your belief in yourself by making an effort to silence your inner critic. When you hear that mean voice pop into your head, make the choice to shift your inner dialogue from one that doubts yourself to one that champions you. 

Remind yourself the past is over, and you’re capable of whatever you set your mind to. 

Wayne Dyer used to say, “You’ll see it when you believe it.” Believe in yourself like it’s your job so you can live the happy life you deserve. 

If you need some gentle guidance, next week we’re opening the doors to our brand new program, Love Yourself More. Keep your eye out for our email announcement so you can join this online program for a special introductory price and get an amazing bonus. 

You deserve to move into a brighter future and it begins with creating a happier relationship with YOU. 

Have a wonderful weekend!

With love and smiles,


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Quote du jour

“Insisting on living in the past will kill your future. Let it go.” — Tony Evans


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