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When the pandemic hit and people stayed home, we all saw pollution in city skies lighten, the canals in Venice became clear again and ocean reefs flourished. Without a doubt – humans impact Mother Earth! 

As many of us are cautiously getting out of our homes much more so than a year ago, and may even be commuting to work again or flying for vacations at some point in 2021 – why not use this upcoming Earth Day to reflect on all that Mother Earth has given you and decide what you (yes you!) will do moving forward to be kinder to our planet?

Here are a few small things you can do that can make a big difference:

Batch your errands. Instead of popping out to the grocery store for one or two items (like you may have done pre-pandemic), keep up with your weekly big grocery runs and try to do any other errands at the same time — saving you multiple car trips and putting less emissions into the air. 

Go part-time (or full-time!) vegetarian. As much as many of us may love a cheeseburger, cows are huge emitters of methane (so not great for climate change). You may not want to make the leap to a full vegetarian or vegan diet, but even cutting down on meat and dairy products can help. You could try a Meatless Monday or play around with making vegetarian versions of some of your favorite dishes. 

Switch to eco-friendly products. There are so many swaps you can make, from reef-friendly sunscreen and beauty products that use less packaging, to reusable straws and cloth napkins. If it feels overwhelming, just start with one area of your home (maybe your bathroom or kitchen) and go from there. 

Order better takeout. We don’t think our takeout addiction will be going away post-pandemic. If you’re feeling the same, consider ordering from places that use more earth-friendly packaging. Jybe is an app that helps you sort through which restaurants are making positive changes (and you can help others make smart choices with your reviews!). 

Get outside. Taking time to enjoy nature and reminding yourself of all the beauty in this world can also inspire you to help preserve it. So go hiking, camping, or just take a walk in a park to remember all that Mother Earth is providing for us every day. 

Here’s to mothering Mother Earth!

Emily and the Savvy Team


Quote du jour

“Time spent among trees is never time wasted.” — Anonymous


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