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When you picture your goals, hopes and dreams in life, do you think, “Yes! I can make it happen!” Or, does your mind go straight to the negative? “Nah, that will never work out.”

Even the most optimistic people go through negative patches, where it’s hard to find a glimmer of positivity. Especially when you’ve been thrown curveballs, like a job loss, breakup, or an overall bad day. 

But if you’re feeling more “glass half empty” these days, it’s time to shift your mindset and start thinking positively. Why? Because doing so can bring about real change in your life. If you’re optimistic that something will happen, you’re letting the universe know, “Bring on the good stuff!” And chances are, those good things will come. Like attracts like and there’s power in positive thinking (just like there’s power in negative thinking). 

Start harnessing the power of positivity and you’ll soon find those hopes and dreams coming true. Here’s how:

Try making positivity your first response. When a friend throws out a crazy-but-fun idea (like, “Let’s go to Greece next year!”) your reflex might be to think, “Ha, I wish!” But what if instead you thought, “Yes, let’s do it.” Open yourself up to possibilities and best-case scenarios because anything really can happen when you keep your heart and mind open. 

In challenging moments, seek out the good. When you get hit with disappointment, or feel fear, doubt and worry creep in, it’s always important to acknowledge your emotions. But instead of dwelling or feeling sorry for yourself or a victim of life, shift your thinking to find one positive thing about your situation, or your present moment. “That was a learning experience” you can tell yourself, or, “At least it’s a beautiful day today,” – do your best to find anything in your life to be truly grateful for.

Surround yourself with positive people. You know those friends that have so much optimism, after hanging out you feel like you see the world in a better, happier way? Schedule a coffee date or happy hour with them ASAP, and feed off their positive vibes.

Finish your day in a positive way. At the end of each day, take three to five minutes to write in your journal what you’re grateful for that day — it could be something as simple as “the sunshine” or “my mid-day walk.” When you express gratitude, you’re highlighting the positive things in your life (and letting the negative things fade away).

Even if it doesn’t come naturally, do your best to be positive throughout your day. Stay open to possibilities, look on the bright side, and have faith that even though it may not feel like it right this moment, everything is working out for you and good things are in store. 🙂

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!  

Emily and the EveryDay Happy Team

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