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Do you ever feel like you just don’t have enough time to do those things you’re truly passionate about? 

Whether you want to write a book, learn how to play piano, or spend time enjoying a good read or planning your next great adventure, your day probably slips by so fast, there’s little time for things that bring you pure joy.

But what if there was a way to protect your time, so that you can get more done in the moments you do have? Today we want to share our greatest tips to seize your day and empower you to capitalize on those hours, so you can use them your way — not someone else’s. Here’s how! 

Write down your priorities. Do you want to write a children’s book? Plant flowers in your backyard? Exercise every day? Take pen to paper and write down what your heart is most yearning to achieve. Be sure to put it where you’ll see it daily. 

Build a barrier around your time. Next, come up with a strategy to protect one hour in your day for your passion and try your hardest to stick to it. Maybe you can give it 30 minutes in the morning instead of scrolling through the news and social media, and another 30 minutes in the evening before watching another TV series. Block off this time for your passion and make it non-negotiable.

Banish time invaders. Free yourself of distractions by stashing your phone away or keeping it out of your line of sight. If your family is good at interrupting you (ehm, like kiddos are known to do), choose a time when they’re away or asleep.

Revisit your priorities. After a few weeks, see if you’ve been able to capitalize on your priorities, or if your time needs more protection. If you’re still struggling, consider using more strategies like setting an alarm on your phone and committing to your passion fully until the alarm rings. 

Life is sweet and we’re meant to spend at least some time on things we’re passionate about, so do what you can to protect your time. Like Michael Altshuler said, “The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.”


Emily and the EveryDay Happy Team

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Quote du jour

“The most precious resource we all have is time.” — Steve Jobs


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