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What’s one thing you could do in 2022 that would make this year stand out from the rest and make you feel like you took a giant leap in your life? 

Write a book? Change your diet and lifestyle for good? Start a podcast? Travel to Peru? Reach a money goal? Get serious about love and connecting with a partner? Run a marathon? 

How much do you prioritize and make time for these things that really matter to you? (Be honest!)

We’re all so time-strapped these days, that we give ourselves few (if any!) moments to do what actually excites us. 

But even if your day feels impossibly stuffed, you can make time for what really matters. Seriously. Even if you’re running on empty and it seems like there’s just no way, you can find time in your day to do what you want in life. 

Sounds nice, but how, you may be wondering? We’re so happy you asked! 

  1. Revise your morning routine. Yes, reading newsletters and scrolling through social media is a tempting way to start your day, but if you really want to make time for what matters most to you this year, you need to put that habit on hold.

Instead, use the first few minutes or hours of your day to work on your life. Prioritize Y-O-U and moving the needle toward your dreams, before getting led off track by someone else’s.

2. Make room in your schedule to work on your top goals. Get the courage to ask for help, or hire help if you can swing it. Could a cousin watch your kids for an hour each week while you write your novel, or work on learning a language? You’d be surprised how supportive people are, especially when they know they’re helping you chase your dreams.

Do you spend two or three hours a week cleaning your home? Think about hiring someone to do the job (or whatever it is you need done), and use that time to work on your goals. If cost is an issue, consider cutting back elsewhere (like going on a shopping freeze or buying generic-brand groceries).

3. Re-work your evening routine. If you typically cook elaborate dinners, consider making some basic, healthy meals so you free up some time (you can go back to five-star meals once you reach your top goals). Or if you spend an hour or two kicking back with TV, why not cut that time in half? You might miss your chill time at first, but you’ll soon get used to the new routine.

4. Take consistent small steps. You don’t need to set aside hours a day or big blocks of time to work on your goals. (And thinking you do will keep the brakes on what matters to you!). Remember, small steps lead to great gains. Even setting your alarm for a half-hour a day to work on something that’s important to you will build momentum and eventually result in a goal win. 

This is your time. You’re worthy and deserving of being, doing, and having all that you dream of. We all get the same 24-hours in a day and 365 days in a year – what matters is how you use this time. So this year, make it a point to prioritize what matters most to you and make 2022 stand out from the rest. 

Believing in you,
Emily and the EveryDay Happy Team

P.S. Need more help making time for your goals so you can experience more joy, self-love, and ease? There’s still time to sign up for One-on-One Life Coaching and One-on-One Business Coaching.

Quote du jour

“Dream big. Start small. But most of all start.” – Simon Sinek

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