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How are you and your partner doing these days? 

It’s no secret that this pandemic has been hard on relationships. After all, we’re stuck in close quarters, have a TON of added stress in our day-to-day, and those little things that used to bug us about our better halves (You’re not going to start the dishwasher? Really?!) have turned from little annoyances into major problems.

Yep, there’s no doubt about it — 2020 is putting relationships to the test! 

If your relationship is in need of a little pick-me-up, or a downright jolt, to remind you why you’re together, today we want to offer a few ways you can have some fun together during these crazy, mixed-up, social distancing kinds of times.

Because you and your partner chose one another for a reason — and chances are there’s a lot of love still there! 

1. Pick out a board or card game for two and have a game night. This may sound cheesy, but playing a game does wonders for relationships. It brings out the kid in you, creates a fun distraction from all the heaviness in the world and you can release any pent up resentment by playing to win. 

Need a little romantic pick-me-up? Make a bet for the loser to give the winner a 30-minute massage (or whatever wager you two come up with!). 

We’re big fans of Codenames Duet, The Fox in The Forest Duet, and some good old fashioned Gin Rummy for solid couple fun. 

2. Pop open a bottle of bubbly at sunset and return to the beginning of your relationship. Think back to when you first met and share how you felt about one another. Remember all the giddiness and gratitude? Reflect on your favorite moments of those early days. That first date. Those inside jokes you shared. The way you made each other feel.

Babies need touch in order to survive their first days — relationships need touch in order to survive a lifetime. Be the first to reach out and give your partner a gentle hug or simply hold their hand. Chances are, you both could benefit from a tender touch right now.

3. Put on your chef hat and make a special, homemade meal for each other. You host one night and your partner can host another. Set the table and sit down together for your own “date night in” (sans TV!) and make a pact not to talk about the news or anything negative for your entire meal.

Follow it up with an “at-home movie night” with popcorn, candy and a movie you both love (maybe one you watched when you first met?).

While none of us expected this kind of summer with our loved ones, there’s still potential for some special times and ways to make new memories together. And couldn’t we all use more fun and love right about now?

Wishing you a fun and love-filled weekend!

Savvy Team


Quote du jour

“Relationships don’t last because of the good times; they last because the hard times were handled with love and care.” — Anmol Andore



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