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Recently we shared with you a few ways to get the most out of your mornings. (And we’re happy to hear how many of you loved our tips!) But what about your evenings? Do you spend the precious hours before falling asleep doing things that relax and restore you and will help you catch those zzz’s? Or are you scrolling through Instagram, binging intense TV, and answering work emails? 

Evenings are more than dinner, bath time, or even sipping a glass of wine. They’re a special time to close down your day and prepare for the next. 

If you struggle to fall asleep, or just want to be more intentional with your night time, here are three simple ways to relax your body and mind and cue your brain for sleep:


  1. Set a wind-down alarm for one hour before your ideal bedtime.

You set an alarm to wake up in the morning, so why not set an alarm to end the day? It’s especially helpful if you find yourself absentmindedly scrolling on your phone or letting the next episode of a series keep playing (and playing, and playing). 

When the alarm goes off, it doesn’t have to be lights out. Instead, use it as your cue to put away your laptop, silence your phone, turn off the TV or any other screens, and start getting ready for a blissful night’s sleep. 


  1. Reflect on the day. 

Take a moment to consider five things you’re grateful for from your day. You can jot them down in a gratitude journal, or simply list them in your head while brushing your teeth. 

Focusing on what made you smile during the day — and all that did go your way — makes you feel accomplished and gives your mind a sense of peace and calm. (A much preferred feeling than when you focus on any unfinished to-dos or annoyances.)


  1. Do something just for you.

It’s easy to lose every minute of your evenings to caring for others — especially if you have little ones who need feeding, bathing and bedtime stories. But it’s important to carve out a little “Me Time” so you can exhale from your day. 

Maybe it’s a bubble bath, or refreshing shower before bed. Maybe it’s enjoying a few pages in a novel that takes you away from everything else. Maybe lighting a candle and doing 10 minutes of gentle yoga or stretching will be just what you need to let go of the day. 

Whatever you choose, be sure it’s something that soothes your soul and relaxes your mind. 

We know how easy it is for work and home to-dos to consume your entire day and night, but this weekend, challenge yourself to ignore the laundry and any lingering emails and spend 30 minutes or an hour before bed focusing on Y-O-U. 

Not only will it lead to a better night’s sleep, but odds are the next morning you’ll wake up with much more enthusiasm to take on your day.

Here’s to getting the most out of your evenings and enjoying relaxing and restful nights!

Emily and the Savvy Team


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“A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow.” — Charlotte Brontë


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