Hard Work Isn’t the Goal


It’s a new year and time we realize life is so much more than work. Life is to be experienced, enjoyed, and most of all lived! 

Has anyone ever asked you, “Are you working hard, or hardly working?” This question sums up how so many of us see things — that we should either work ourselves to the bone, or we’re not doing nearly enough. 

The truth is, the more on-the-job hours you put in doesn’t make for a better life. In fact, it often leads to stress, burnout, and overwhelm because you’re sacrificing self-care in the process.

The big kicker? Spending more time working doesn’t actually mean that you’re doing better work or getting more done.

If you feel like you’re working harder than ever before, it’s time to start talking about working effectively. That means getting more done in fewer hours, so you can take back your “Me Time.”  

This weekend, take a moment to consider how you can streamline your work, so you’re able to carve more moments in your day for TLC (like exercise, restful baths, couch time with a good book … or all of the above :-).

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Create before you consume. Start your day tackling projects that are most important to moving the needle toward your goals — then you can take a look at the news, social media, emails, and texts.

Start your day, when your mind is sharpest, with what’s most important to Y-O-U … after your first cup of coffee, of course. 😉

2. Spend less time on email by sending shorter, more concise work emails. (You really don’t have to write a novel to make your point!)

3. Create an “appointment” on your calendar each day to take “Me Time” to do something fun, exercise or simply relax. (This forces you to wrap up work in time to do something for you).

4. Look at your phone “Screen Time” report under “Settings” and see what’s a time-eater, whether it’s Twitter, Instagram, or the like, and at least temporarily delete them from your phone.

5.Consider “block scheduling,” a method of planning your day that allows you to be more productive with the time you do have (try it out with Cal Newport’s The Time Block Planner).

Times are tough right now, and you deserve rest and wellness in your day, guilt-free. Make more time to do what makes you happy — it’s really what life’s about!


Quote du jour

“Workaholics are not heroes. They don’t save the day, they use it up. The real hero is already home … because she figured out a faster way to get things done.” — Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson 


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