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What if you could get everything you need done for the week in half the time? Or finally, have the hours to work on that passion project you’ve been too crazed to start? It would be kinda nice, right?

The scenario may seem far-fetched, but that’s the beauty of the concept of “essentialism.” It’s all about focusing on the right things to get done and cutting out the filler. 

Still skeptical? Just think about how many distractions — our phones, TV, social media — pull us away from what we really want to get accomplished. 

You might feel productive because you did stuff all day, but lack feeling fulfilled because you didn’t do what truly mattered to move you toward a goal. 

We have to prioritize daily and weekly actions that will really, truly move the needle to reach our goals, so if you’re feeling overwhelmed or like you’re just not making any progress, it’s time to do Y-O-U, and take some action. 

Start by writing out your to-do list and put a star next to one thing that if you do it, it will move you toward a goal or something that’s important to you. 

Then, challenge yourself to take care of ongoing distractions. 

  • Delete apps or unsubscribe from shopping newsletters if need-be (you can always re-download or join again later). 
  • Let go of worry-filled and stressful thoughts. (Repeating a mantra like, “I release the need to worry. I trust that everything is working out for me” helps too.) 
  • Value your time and say no to friends and others who ask you to do things you’re just not into. 

You may find it helpful to keep your top three goals at the forefront of your mind every day – right in front of you on a Post-it – to remind you to do Y-O-U before accidentally getting hijacked by other people’s agendas.

When you stop doing things that don’t really matter, you’ll be surprised how much time you have on your hands to do those things that do. Plus, have more time to enjoy a sunset with a glass of wine in hand. 😉 And this summer, we all could use some fun!



Quote du jour

“Time isn’t the main thing. It’s the only thing.” — Miles Davis


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