Get in Tune With Your Intuition


You know when you feel it … that voice inside or feeling on your skin that’s trying to tell you something, whether it’s “yes, go for it,” “this doesn’t seem right” or “turn around and run!”

It’s your intuition speaking AKA your guiding light.

We all have been blessed with intuition — whether we listen to it or not. It gives us that nudge to say “yes” to that travel opportunity, or “no” to that nanny, job or second date. Even when the answer looks different on paper.

Our intuition is like a secret weapon. When we build it, listen to it and follow it, our intuition can spare us a ton of pain, sorrow and sometimes regret. It can even save our lives by telling us to make an appointment with the doctor or get a second opinion.

Whether you’ve mastered your intuition or your signal is coming in a little too softly, we can all use an intuition check-in from time to time.

Here are four ways to amp up your intuition signal:

1. Intend to build your intuition.
This may sound too easy to work (or silly even), but simply setting an intention to build your intuition sets things in motion. Decide right now to pay attention to your intuition, listen to that inner voice and do what your gut says (or feels).

2. Get quiet every day.
Our minds are loud and can get in the way of that inner voice — especially when it’s only speaking at a whisper. Give yourself 10 minutes each day to get quiet and meditate. If meditation isn’t your thing, just get quiet and listen to your breath. This helps you quiet the chatter and unhealthy thoughts and feel clear – which ultimately makes you trust yourself more and feel secure in your inner knowing.

Even if you don’t hear an inner voice right then, trust something’s happening and the process of building your intuition is in motion.

3. Make a decision.
Decisions are the best way to strengthen and get used to trusting your intuition. Whatever you’re debating now in your day or your life — it could be as easy as which restaurant you want to go to for dinner or book to pick off the shelf — take a breath and ask yourself. Get quiet and listen to what your intuition tells you.

It may be a super loud “yes” or “no” right away, or it could take a bit longer. Pay attention to which option feels lighter to you. Even if on the surface it feels like the harder option. Often it’s our first gut instinct that’s the right one and our minds just get in the way.

Speaking of …

4. Squash that self-doubt in your head, battling against you.
Your mind might try to block what your gut wants to convey, so tell the naysayer in your head to go away, so you can get back to tuning in.

Once you’ve connected with your intuition, it’s time to start trusting it more. Sometimes we try and tune out our intuition because it’s inconvenient. Switching jobs or moving can be scary and takes effort after all, even if your gut is saying “it’s time for a change.”

This weekend, as an experiment, surrender to your gut. If your intuition tells you to skip brunch with the girls or say ‘yes’ to that salsa class, just go with your gut without overthinking it.

Notice how good it feels to give your soul power — rather than relying on your mind alone. Once you start noticing your intuition strengthen, you’ll likely tune into it more, and find yourself in an even better place than before.

You have intuition for a reason. Trust it!



Quote du jour

“Intuition is seeing with the soul.” — Dean Koontz


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