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In these uncertain times, it’s all too tempting to hop online and shop for new spring clothes or something to spruce up your house. (After all, if you’re working from home or looking after your kiddos, you’re probably spending a lot of time there).

Stress shopping is real, and while spending can give you an emotional lift for a fleeting moment, saving, and knowing you have money in the bank, can give you long-lasting feelings of security and empowerment. 

If you’re ready to have more moolah in your bank account, here are 3 ways you can boost your savings starting today.

1. Pay attention to the little things that add up … and cut out a few.

It’s a saving tactic coined in the book The Latte Factor by author David Bach, and it’s the idea that spending money on small things adds up in a big way. When you cut out those little purchases, you’ll actually save a significant amount. So if you skip the $5 latte and pastry each day, that’s $1,825 banked by the end of the year. 

Right now you might not be going out for lattes, but track what that $5 is you’re spending per day (Pints of ice cream? Nail polish?), and see if you can start skipping it. 

2. Practice the 30-day rule.

At this point you might be buying random things online to give yourself a boost (adult coloring book — why not? Face masks — that’s fun!). 

If it’s not something you 100% need this very second, write it on a list or put a picture of it on the fridge and if after 30 days you still totally want it — buy it. But chances are, most of these things are in-the-moment wants you’ll soon forget about — and if you wait before you buy, you can save big.

3. Improve your relationship with money.

Treat money like you’d treat your partner and show it appreciation and respect. Give thanks to it for putting food on the table, a roof over your head, gas in your car and clothes on your body. 

Reflect and connect with your financial relationship every so often by knowing how much you need to live each month and spending less.

Be good to yourself, Savvy. And be good to your bank account, too. 🙂

You’ve got this!



Quote du jour

“Many folks think they aren’t good at earning money, when what they don’t know is how to use it.” — Frank A. Clark


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