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Have you ever wondered at what point so many of us stopped expecting great things to happen in our lives?

Not wanting, hoping or wishing, but expecting them without a shadow of a doubt.

When toddlers put their hearts and minds toward walking they expect to walk.

But somewhere along the way too many of us have gone from confident toddlers to Murphy’s Law cynics gravitating toward the old adage, “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong.”

It’s common to think if we have low (or no!) expectations we’ll be pleasantly surprised. But, setting the bar low is no way to secure a happy life.

Henry Ford famously said, “Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t — you’re right.”

Our thoughts and beliefs have a huge impact on our lives — way more than we probably understand.

Not expecting great things to happen can actually keep them from happening.

Though we risk disappointment, we’re better off waking up every morning expecting to have a good day.

Waking up expecting things to go our way.

What’s one thing you want for your life right now? … Getting paid to write a book, marrying the person of your dreams, becoming a millionaire, moving to Italy?

Try saying to yourself, “I hope to _________(insert your desire)_____________.”

Now, say, “I expect to _____________(insert your desire)_______.”

Notice the difference in how you feel when you’re wanting/hoping/wishing for something versus expecting it?

Crazy, right?

It’s not our job to know exactly how or when the things we desire will manifest, but it is our job to keep expecting they will.

Starting now, call on your inner child and approach each day with high hopes and positive expectations.

Shake off past disappointments and begin expecting those dreams of yours to come true.

At one point you expected to walk — and now you can.

How about now you expect to soar?

Be good to yourself today!



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