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“Anyone who keeps learning stays young.” — Henry Ford

Remember when you were a kid and constantly learning new things? How to ride a bike, write in cursive, or tackle an algebra problem? There was that initial frustration at the challenge, but when you finally mastered the skill, you felt a boost in self-esteem and total satisfaction. 

When’s the last time you experienced all the good feels that come with learning something new? 

While it’s easy to stick with our comfortable hobbies, learning is growing, and growing is life — that’s why this weekend we challenge you to shake things up and try your hand at a new skill. 

What have you always been interested in, but never actually tried? Perhaps knitting (this kit can help!), baking bread, calligraphy, surfing, playing the piano, speaking a different language, salsa dancing?

How can you begin learning this new skill? Maybe a book, YouTube tutorials, or finding someone who can offer in-person or online lessons? 

Decide something new you’d like to learn this year, and this weekend, take one step by buying that book, watching that DIY YouTube video, signing up for that class or talking to someone who’s been there and done that.

If at first, you find out you’re pretty terrible at whatever you’re trying — that’s OK! It’s actually good for our minds to have these challenges. When we learn new things we give our brain a mental workout, which helps improve our memory, concentration, and problem-solving skills. 

So if you’re feeling frustrated that you can’t figure out that knitting technique or your bread tastes like cardboard, just remind yourself that practice makes perfect, and practice makes for a better brain. 🙂 

Keep at it and in time you’ll get that confidence boost and satisfying feeling that comes with learning something new. Can you feel the joy coming your way?

Here’s to a weekend of getting more out of your life! 

Emily and the Savvy Team

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Today’s Pick

Whether you’ve just adopted a furry friend, or you’re a seasoned pup-parent, it’s worth investing in a quality dog collar and leash. We love this chic set from Wild One, that’s dirt and odor resistant, and water-proof (in case Fido dives in the pool/ocean/lake!). 


Quote du jour

“Always walk through life as if you have something new to learn and you will.” — Vernon Howard 


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