Could You Use More Patience?


“Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.” — Anonymous

With life feeling like it’s on “pause” in many ways these days, a whole lot of us are coming face-to-face with our relationship with patience. 

We’ve heard it since we were kids — we need to have patience. Patience when learning how to tie our shoes, patience when waiting in line to ride the roller coaster, patience in growing up and doing those things we were told we’d be able to do “when you have a job.” 

Right now, there are some things we just can’t rush, or really, even control — like when you’ll be able to get your hair done, or hear back on your job application, or if you’re pregnant, when that baby will pop out (as one Savvy team member knows all too well right now)! 

And the best thing we can do for ourselves (and sanity!) is to channel our inner child and practice patience. 

The good news is, patience isn’t something we’re born with and either have or don’t, it’s a skill we can all get better at. 

To start boosting your patience levels, here are a few exercises to help you out:

  1. Find out what triggers you. 

Some of us can stay Zen when the grocery store line just isn’t moving, but lose it when a friend shows up 10 minutes late. Others can’t stand a delayed pizza delivery, but will peacefully wait for a slow website to load. 

When you understand what triggers you, you can then ask yourself why. Getting to the root of what exactly is bothering you can help you realize that it may not be as big a deal as you think. 

  1. Lean into the wait and find ways to enjoy the journey. 

When you encounter one of your triggers, take a deep breath, remind yourself to practice patience and try to make the best of the time. Surely there can be some silver linings or fun to be had in the now. 

Stay centered by repeating a mantra like: “Everything’s going to be OK. Everything’s working out in its own perfect time and way.” 

  1. Be light about it. 

So your first attempts at baking bread or playing the guitar were embarrassing — that’s OK! You can laugh about it and remind yourself that everyone starts out as a beginner. And if you haven’t made much progress on that novel, or it feels like a project is moving at a snail’s pace, try and celebrate small victories and remember that slow and steady progress will yield better results than rushing things.

Be patient with yourself, and with life, and keep in mind that life always delivers to you what you want in its own perfect time.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Quote du jour

“Have patience with all things but first with yourself. – Francis de Sales


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