Break Free of Clutter


See that stack of papers on your counter? Or the books piled by your nightstand you’re definitely going to read … eventually? Looks like you’ve got some clutter.

For most of us with clutter, seeing stuff just sitting there, piling up day by day, can really weigh on us. It can make us feel bad about ourselves and think negative things like, Why can’t I keep things clean? I’m a lazy mess!

All of the extra knick-knacks (and dare we say … junk) makes us feel disorganized — not just at home, but in life, in general.

Plus, you know that phrase, “Out with the old, in with the new”? Well in order to bring in new (and not just clothes, books and furniture, but new energy) we have to create space for new goodness to come in by parting with the old.

Feng Shui and money mindset people like Denise Duffield-Thomas even say clearing out clutter helps you attract money. Seriously. (Now, where did we put that trash bag?)

Start with one closet or drawer and work your way through one room at a time. Play your favorite music or an inspirational podcast and have fun with it.


Here are five ways you can break free of clutter and clear space for new goodness to come.

1. Make tough choices. You know those knick-knacks friends and distant relatives have given you — like little tokens from their latest travels? Though you have no use for them, and never would have bought them for yourself, you feel a little guilty about parting with them.

It’s time to get tough though and drop them in the donate pile: One person’s trash is another’s treasure. And if you’re really sentimental you can always take a picture to hold onto.

2. Nix backups. No one really needs five summer hats or four pairs of white mittens. Choose your favorite (you know the ones you love most!) and donate the rest.

3. Toss out old beauty products and toiletries. Have a cupboard full of lotions you bought two years ago, that you never seem to use? Or a basket of sample beauty products? There’s a good chance they’re expired, in which case give them a toss. If not, bring them to your local shelter – someone out there will really use them.

4. Donate clothes you don’t feel confident in. While it’s important to like how something looks on the hanger, how a shirt or pants feel when you actually wear it is crucial. If you don’t feel like you’re owning it when you put it on, it’s time to let someone else own it.

5. Rev up the paper shredder. Shredding and recycling can be exhilarating. Tackle those stacks of papers by giving yourself one or two seconds to decide what stays or goes (so long expired Bed Bath and Beyond coupon, shopping lists and articles you know you’ll never read!). If anything seems important — set it aside and go back to it later.

Less really is more and now’s the perfect time to be out with the old so you can attract the new.

You’ll feel so much better when you lighten your load!


Quote du jour

“Don’t own so much clutter that you will be relieved to see your house catch fire.” ― Wendell Berry



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