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Have you gone down the rabbit hole lately, reading every horrible news story and listening to your worst-case scenario storytelling friend about the tense times we’re in? 

Spend enough hours catching up on the state of affairs, and you’ll probably want to curl up in a ball on your couch and never get off!

While it’s important to stay informed, we want to urge you to try and find some sunshine … And when you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine

The world could use more positivity right now, so try to spread a little love and hope, Savvy. Besides, if you start spreading sunshine, chances are you’ll feel the warmth, too.

Here are four easy ways to bring some much-needed positivity to the world right now:

1. Share happy thoughts.

Happiness is contagious, so when you’re video-chatting with friends, instead of letting your conversation spiral to the news, reminisce about a fun memory you have with the person — perhaps a fun trip or a wine-filled night? 😉

Allow everyone to feel what they’re feeling, but try to help your loved ones from dwelling on the bad by staying positive. There’s always something to be grateful for and something to look forward to. Sharing these things with others will help them get into a positive place too.

2. Post something positive on social media.

People are upping their screen time big-time these days and we could all use a little escapism through pretty photos and words of wisdom and hope. Be a positive force and share something you’re grateful for, something that’s keeping you smiling or even an uplifting quote. (Desmond Tutu’s is a favorite right now: “Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”)

Even a picture of a beautiful flower from your backyard can brighten someone’s day.

For the next few weeks, you can connect with our Savvy Team and community by tagging your Instagram posts with the hashtag positivity posts — #positivityposts — and don’t forget to tag @SavvyMiss so we can see and like them too! 🙂

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3. Say “thank you” … from a distance.

Next time you go to the market or pharmacy, give a smile and a big thank you to the cashier who is, essentially, putting their life on the line to be there. 

Mail a virtual letter or send flowers or delivery food baskets and other thoughtful gifts to your doctor’s offices, local hospitals, medical clinics, and nursing homes, who could all use a reminder that we’re thinking of them. 

You can also mail letters of love and virtual hugs to your friends and family who you can’t be near right now using companies like Postable. Choose a card and “write” your message virtually, then they do all the legwork, like put the card in an envelope with a stamp and mail it. 

Send a note to your grandma, a friend for her birthday, or your mom just because. Everyone could use a little pick-me-up these days!

4. Give back.

Many of us feel we’re not doing enough to help out during these times (even when sitting on the couch or tending to our garden is helping more than we realize). 

If you’re itching to do more and you’re able, think about donating to a charity like No Kid Hungry, which provides meals to children (which is especially important during a time like this). Or you can do a medical mask drive, and provide much-needed masks to your local hospital or clinic. Also, check Go Fund Me pages for members of your community who could use a helping hand.

Be the sunshine your friends and loved ones need right now, and you’ll do more good than you can even imagine. 

Be good to yourself today!


Quote du jour

“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one.” — John Lennon


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