Be the Better in Your Better Half


“Love is a game that two can play and both can win.” — Eva Gabor

Chrissy and John, Meghan and Harry, Kate and William. Turn on the TV or scroll through Instagram, and you’ll likely hear about or spot a celebrity “power couple.”

And let’s give credit where credit is due — these are all pretty amazing partnerships. But just because they’re big names doesn’t mean you too can’t be part of a power couple.

The key factor that makes it all happen is teamwork, and the best part is you and your partner can both come out victorious if you work together to support and motivate each other.

(And if you’re single right now, well there’s a lot of life to be lived and love to be had so chances are this info will be valuable to you in the very near future!)

To get started, you and your partner will want to put your heads together and nail down what it is you’re both after. You each likely have dreams swirling in your heads, so schedule a night this week to sit down undistracted and be clear and honest with one another.

Have you always dreamt of writing a book? Does your partner want to start a YouTube channel and record you two sailing around the world?

Express your dreams and listen to your partner’s. Write them down with a total intention to make them real. To keep your excitement levels up, consider building a vision board or a shared Pinterest board with images that fit your goals.

Once you’re clear on the big picture, it’s time to think small. Write down three action steps you can take this month that will help achieve your dreams. Put them in your calendar or set a deadline to keep yourselves accountable.

Then, consider a monthly “check-in” to see how you’re both doing, set new action steps and re-evaluate your goals. And don’t forget to keep brainstorming ways to help each other out!

Remember you’re a team and you’re here to support one another as a partnership and also as individuals.

Come up with a strategy that makes sense for you both, and that allows you to make strides toward your dreams. Part of that strategy may mean that one of your dreams takes center stage for awhile, and the others wait their turn. That’s OK (it is a journey!), as long as you both feel good about your priorities.

When you’re both supporting each other, you’ll find it’s so much easier to get things done and feel good about what you’ve accomplished.

Be sure to appreciate and compliment each other for the work that you both do. Pump each other up and share in the excitement of the process.

The beauty of love and relationships is you can help make each others’ lives better — including making dreams come true.

So follow these strategies, Savvy, and you both will feel like you’re better than ever — closer to your dreams and to each other. Talk about a win-win!


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