Are You Gliding or Growing?


Ahhh, the excitement and anticipation of a New Year. As you know, we don’t like to use the “r” word around here (ahem, resolutions), but we do like to take a moment around this time to think about where we want to be in the months ahead.

The reason? Sometimes life can get so hectic (we’re looking at you, December), that the days and weeks just sail on by. We cruise along with work and other commitments (thriving in all of them, no doubt), but then, at some point it hits. What happened to all those books you wanted to read, projects you wanted to work on, goals you wanted to reach?

If you haven’t done so already, take inventory of your 2018 year. Then, if you find that you’ve been gliding in 2018, worry not. We all wake up to discover ourselves in this position at some point. What’s important now is to reflect on how you can grow in the New Year.

  • Do you want to challenge your brain in some new way, whether through learning a language or delving into a certain subject? (We personally like digging into the history of a country we hope to visit — it also makes for a good excuse to plan a vacation!)
  • Or do you want to launch a new business or kickstart a side hustle? Navigating the challenges that come along with building a company can foster a deep personal growth.
  • Then there’s growth through helping others — by taking on volunteer projects that may seem intimidating at first, or learning time-management by figuring out how to fit service into your week.
  • Last, we can’t forget about growth from a self-care standpoint. Maybe in 2019 you strive to talk to yourself in a nicer way, or take more time to meditate (every minute helps).

Write down your growth goals for 2019, then check back with them as often as you can — we suggest each month. You might just find that this time next year, you’re in a whole new place — healthier, happier and more satisfied.

Now go on and grow, Savvies. You’ve got this!


Quote du jour     

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.” — Mahatma Gandhi



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