4 Musts for a Prosperous and Powerful Weekend


With summer in full swing and many of us spending more cash being out and about than we did when we were mostly home last summer, we couldn’t think of a better time to re-examine our spending habits and check in on our bank balances. 

We know money talk can seem boring, but it’s also necessary, so today, we’re sharing with you four of our favorite ways to get on top of personal finances with a simple, yet powerful money check-in.  

What’s a money check-in? Consider it a date with your finances. Put on some soothing music (and maybe open a bottle of wine!), and spend an hour or so reacquainting yourself with your money story:

  1.     Go through all of your bank accounts, investment accounts, and credit cards. Make note of any debts you need to tackle or savings you want to invest. Also, take a look at your account totals (both cash and debt) and monthly spending, do you need to make any adjustments now that you’re out and about more?

2.      Part two of 2021 has officially begun and it’s a great time to check-in on your yearly money goal — or create a new one. Decide how much you’d like to have come into your life during the remainder of 2021. What will you do with that money? (Save for a home, pay off any debts, splurge on a vacation?) 

3.     Set an intention for where you’d like to be financially this time next year. While it’s good to know where you’re at now, it’s also important to get clear on where you’d like to be down the road. 

4.     If you have any resistance toward money or are feeling like you could improve your relationship, try writing down a money mantra to help you think positively about money. You could try something like “Money flows to me with ease,” or “I am worthy of wealth and abundance.” Then make a point to repeat it to yourself every morning. (Bonus — put pen to paper and write it down 10x.) 

It may sound silly, but so much of our experiences with money have to do with our relationship to it. Often, to improve our relationship and be happier with how many dollars roll in it just takes a bit of tweaking of our mindset. 

When you create a positive money mindset, feel in control of your finances, have goals in mind and create a plan to reach them, it takes money from scary or confusing to empowering and — dare we say — fun!  

Here’s to a prosperous and powerful weekend! 

Emily and the EveryDay Happy Team


Quote du jour

“Don’t tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I’ll tell you what you value.” — President Joe Biden


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