10 Signs It’s Time to Connect With Y-O-U


How connected are you feeling to Y-O-U these days? If your answer is “not so much,” we see you. 

For many of us, this is an incredibly busy time of year … and it’s only going to get busier as the holiday season kicks off. And when life feels stressful or overwhelming, our relationship with ourselves tends to deteriorate. Who has time to revisit goals and take inventory of our emotions when there are errands to run, gifts to buy and meals to prep? 

But even during hectic times, it’s still crucial to spend time fostering your relationship with Y-O-U (in fact, it may even be more essential!).

When you’re out of touch with yourself, you can easily lose sight of what you really want in life. You may find that too many negative thoughts start swirling in your head and your energy takes a hit too.    

Here are 10 signs it’s time to get back in touch with Y-O-U: 

1. You can’t remember the last time you took “Me Time” and your self-care routine is … wait, what self-care routine?

2. Be honest: You haven’t reviewed your goals in months — in fact, the journal you wrote them down in may be stashed away in the closet.

3. You check your email every 20 minutes. And Facebook, Instagram… and friends may have commented on how much you glance at your phone.

4. “I need a drink!” is your daily mantra.

5. Lately you’ve been feeling…predictable. You’re not sad, but you’re not exactly excited about life.

6. You find yourself constantly saying “I’m too busy to …”

7. You’re on the brink … of crying, yelling, or hiding under your desk!

8. Your last journal entry was January 2nd.

9. You haven’t had a really good laugh in ages.

10. Work, your relationships, and life, in general, seem to be great, but something feels empty, like something inside is telling you, I need a challenge or I need a new adventure.

Sound familiar? If so, gift yourself time this weekend to connect with Y-O-U. Take a walk in nature, enjoy a solo cup of coffee … you get the drift. 

Be sure to dust off your journal and write down any insights, dreams, or goals that come to mind. 

When you connect with yourself, you become clear on your life intentions and excited about what lies ahead. You’ll also feel a sense of uplift as we head into the holidays. 🙂

Enjoy Y-O-U! 

Emily and the EveryDay Happy Team


Quote du jour

“Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you.” — Anne Lamott 


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